Episode #42 – Art or Heresy?


Live from Emmanuel Baptist Church! The guys discuss how Peta wants us to discuss in less offensive language. The book giveaway has been extended… memories and thoughts on the passing of President George H. W. Bush, and also the guys discuss artwork that displays Eve and Mary – is it just artistic or heretical?

Episode #41 – Navigating Secondary Issues Within the Church


How do we handle disagreements over secondary issues? How do you determine what is most important? …. And the guys get feisty and end awkwardly.

Episode #40 – Balancing Ministry & Family During the Holidays


We celebrate episode 40 with a new giveaway! Are we over the hill? Dan wins the Waterminder wager with Michael, but will Michael be a man of his word? How do pastors navigate the crazy holiday season and also balance family time?

Episode #39 – To App or not to App: “Church” in the 21st Century???


Is it ok to already decorate for Christmas? Who is the new candidate for IMB President? And also the guys discuss the validity of having church in an app?

Episode #37 – Pastoral Counseling

Michael calls out a certain college football town as the “seat of Satan,” and also the guys discuss the role the counseling has in pastoral ministry? What guidelines should be followed? How to do it well?


Episode #34 – How should a pastor leave/resign his church and do it well?


Neal says goodbye as a new host is announced. The guys also discuss how a pastor should resign from his ministry and do that well.

Episode #33 – The Church Membership Class and Process


The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal…and also Scott Douglas returns to help us discuss the church membership class and the process.